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V:TES Hall of Fame Adds A New Member

Simon Reed joins the V:TES Hall of Fame with five tournament wins, including two in the same weekend!

V:TES Hall of Fame

To enter the V:TES Hall of Fame, a player has to win a minimum of five tournaments, and those tournaments must have had their results posted on the Usenet newsgroup for inclusion in the Tournament Winning Deck Archive. Many amazing players will be missed because of the absence of those public results. This list celebrates those who have done well with the game, and have worked to publicize the strengths of the game by publishing their tournament winning deck lists. Players are listed by the number of tournaments that they have won, and if there is a tie for the number of tournament wins, then they are in alphabetical order by their first name. See the TWDA FAQ for more information about appearing in this list yourself in the future.
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