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New Player Acquisition Challenge

New Player Acquisition Challenge 2010

Acquire new local V:TES players

New local V:TES players!

What is the best way to get a group of new players started?

If you had a starter display box of Black Hand (8 starters, 2 of each of the 4) at your disposal to woo potential players to the game, what actions would you take and when would you do it?

I am looking for the 10 best ideas for ways to gain new V:TES players using Black Hand starter displays. The submitters of the best ideas will be provided with a starter display for the cost of shipping only.
(i.e. $10.70 for the US, $26.95 for Mexico/Canada, $43.45 for the rest of the world)

One of the requirements for winning this prize will include some sort of public action that you take that can be verified. i.e. if you do a demo in a store, I need to be able to contact the store, if you do a demo at a convention, I need to see the demo scheduled on the convention website, etc.

Submit your ideas here or to me via email.

Carpe noctem.

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