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Fee Stakes (Up In Here!) - Tournament Challenge and special promos

This is the best time of year for your local anarchists to come out and seize a Fee Stake or two.

For every tournament announced and played between today and the end of 2010, I will provide 10 copies of each of the following cards with any purchase of a booster display box of V:TES cards to be used as prize support:

Fee Stake: Corte
Fee Stake: Los Angeles
Fee Stake: Perth
Lilith's Blessing
Infamous Insurgent
V:EKN Membership Card

Follow these steps to get the free promo cards:

1) Schedule a tournament with the name "Fee Stake": 'Your city' on the White Wolf Calendar. (Ensure 30 days lead time for US addresses and 45 days lead time for non-US addresses.)

2) Email with your purchase request for the booster display boxes of your choice.

3) Include the following information in your email:
a) The name of your scheduled tournament
b) The date of your scheduled tournament
c) The location of your scheduled tournament
d) The number of expected players in attendance
e) The number of booster and starter display boxes you wish to purchase
f) Your delivery address and daytime phone number

I will process the requests on a first-scheduled first-shipped basis.
I have enough for ~1,000 players, so get your game on!

Carpe noctem.

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