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(Deck for Comment) Who's that at the gate?

Deck Name : Nergal Shatters the Gates
Author : The Lasombra
Description :
Nergal bleeds for three, then gets a free Freak Drive.
He can get an intercept retainer or equipment. Once he's acquired
the Enkil Cog and some permanent intercept, have him Shatter the Gates.
Matthew makes Vessel free (once per turn).

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 10 average: 8
2x Nergal 10 AUS DAI FOR OBF PRE THA Baali:5
2x Nergal Adv 10 AUS DAI FOR OBF PRE THA Baali:5
2x Nahum Enosh 10 AUS OBE OBF VAL for pre Salubri:6
2x Matthew 7 AUS FOR OBE cel Salubri:6
2x Ariel 6 AUS FOR VAL !Salubri:6
2x Azrael 5 AUS VAL for !Salubri:6

Library [90 cards]
Action [10]
  4x Renewed Vigor
  6x Shatter the Gate

Action Modifier [24]
  3x Cloak the Gathering
  2x Elder Impersonation
  3x Enkil Cog
  10x Freak Drive
  3x Lost in Crowds
  3x Veil the Legions

Combat [9]
  5x Conflagration
  4x Eye of Unforgiving Heaven

Equipment [2]
  1x Bowl of Convergence
  1x Sport Bike

Master [18]
  1x Information Highway
  4x Rotschreck
  5x Storage Annex
  6x Vessel
  2x Wider View

Reaction [26]
  2x Eagle's Sight
  3x Enhanced Senses
  8x Forced Vigilance (free for Nergal)
  10x Hide the Heart
  3x On the Qui Vive

Retainer [1]
  1x Mr. Winthrop
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